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Here you will find the best online lottery games such as slots, scratch cards, instant win games and more. See below for previews of some of our favorite games offered by Slots & Games and Crazy Scratch instant win websites.

All these games offer high, actually very high payout percentage reaching 95% and thats a lot more then what you can get from the more traditional lotteries. With 95% payout and every 3rd card as a winner, players will get a lot more winning chances and bang for their money. Some might think that ok, sure the payout is good, but the top prizes are small - if you think that, you are mistaken. With only £2 bet one can win £250 000 cash prize or 5.555 pounds sterling every month for 15 years! Thats a cool million pounds in the end!

Ok, thats enough about the sites, now see below our favorite online lottery games.

Our favorite lottery games online

3WOW & Super 3WOW Scratch Cards
Now this is our top choice because it's one of the few games that can make you a millionaire with just two pounds! It's a classic scratch card game where player selects the price of the card and goes scratching - simple as that! With bet size £2 or more player has the chance to win up to a million pounds in monthly instalments for the next fifteen years.


Macau Nights Single Line Slot Machine with £1.000.000 Jackpot!
Now again the game is one of our top choices because it's one of the few games that can make you a millionaire with a spin just three pounds! It's a classic 1-line slot machine where on a max bet of only £3 player has the chance to win the grand prize worth one million pounds sterling! This game has also a nice bonus round that wins every time you get to it. All in all it's a nice, simple and rewarding tradional slot machine packed with the asian macau nights theme together with heart stopping, life changing jackpot!

Macau Nights Slot Machine

Online Lottery Game - Golden Fortune
Now this is a brand new release from Crazy Scratch and an instant favorite with us. The game is simple, but very exciting scratch-off type of game where players job is to pick one, two or three cards to play with and then after the five lucky numbers are revealed player must open the numbers behind the gold bars. Once you match a number you will win the amount below the number matched. There is also a bonus feature in a form of a money bag, if you find the bag you will always win, but the amount won is always a suprise. Bet size can range from 25p up to £10 and the maximum win can reach a whopping 100.000 pounds or once you are a VIP member you can have even higher betting limits and a grand prize of £200.000!

Golden Fortune Instant Lottery Game

More great online lottery games will be added soon.




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